Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Similarities between my home city and Vancouver

I live near Zurich which is the biggest and most international city in Switzerland. A lot of people think that Zurich is the capital of Switzerland, but it isn't! It is Bern. Zurich has some similarities to Vancouver, especially the nature around. We also have a nice view to the mountains and a lot of parks in the city. The stores on Robson street are similar to the stores on "Bahnhofstrasse", which is the most popular shopping street in Zurich. Zurich has a lot of lures and it is enticing for a lot of differnt people. I think that the quality of life is very high in both cities. In Zurich and in Vancouver, the security is important. There is always a lot of police everywhere. I like both cities very much. In Zurich there's no sea unfortunately, but we have a beautiful lake where I often go swimming in the summer.
There are also some differences. Vancouver is much bigger than Zurich and the globalization is more developped as in my town. Vancouver is international, you have a mix of so many different cultures in this city. This is the proof that it is possible to live all together. Zurich doesn't have so many immigrants.
Both cities have some stunning places which are attractive for tourists.

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