Monday, August 18, 2008

Emotional experience

When I went to Tofino 2 weeks ago, I was already excited some days before the trip started. On saturday morning we met at "canada place". I felt very tired and a little bit sorry for myself that I had to wake up so early. But during the busride it got better and better. Finally, we took the boat to do whale watching. It was amazing because we saw a lot of whales. I felt delighted and enjoyed that moment very much. It was the first time that I saw wild whales.
On sunday we visited Tofino and then we decided to take a 20 minute tour by flow plane. Before this activity I was a little bit apprehensive because sometimes I get sick when there are a lot of turbulence in the plane. Fortunately, there was no problem about it. It was beautiful to see everthing. I was impressed by the wonderful view we had! We saw a lot of small islands, bays, forests...
After that weekend I was overjoyed; even though it was hard to go to school the next day. I was exhausted and pleased at the same time.

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